"It goes without saying that the things you use every day, should, of course, be stylish and cute. More than that, though, they need to be long-lasting tools, designed to combine ease of use with quality and functionality that you can rely on. "

  • One action hem and seal
    Iron-on Instant Hem Tape

    Unlike common fusible web tape, Iron-on Instant Hem Tape is a knitted tape that seals in frayed ends, supports the structure of the cloth and prevents unsightly bumps. Traditional hemming tape hardens but our tape is flexible. This allows the hem to move naturally with the rest of the fabric. Read More

    Sewing Kit

    The Compact kit and Deluxe Kit has all the tools specific to clothing repairs and light enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Necessary items such as button attachment are compactly arranged in cans with a diameter of 10 cm. It's not as small as you usually carry, but it's just a good thing to have somewhere ready for something Read More

  • 550 yds guarantee, Small yet mighty lines
    Water Erasable Marking Pen

    The firm pen tip allows you to draw precise lines without much effort. The pen is guaranteed 550 yds of ink usage. A short pen that ensures entire use of the pen that extends usage and avoids drying out. Get accurate lines with every stroke due to the thin tip for all your intricate project Read More

    Zipper Wax Pen

    The non-corrosive lubricant pen loosens up of all kinds of metal and plastic zipper goods. Quickly smooth out any stuck zippers with little effort or time. Flexible use on any type of metal and plastic zipper or snaps. Designed for portability Read More

    Sewing Thread Kit

    We made our spool small with the right adjustments. Unlike other spools, our spool has a thin center, saving space and still being just as long.30 frequently used assorted colors, polyester threads offering you a seamless sewing performance Read More

    Wrinkle Releaser & Deodorizer

    Deodorize your clothing in every spray with natural bamboo extract that makes your cloths refreshing. Smoothen out wrinkles in the matter of minutes. Safe to use anywhere, around children, and times where there is no access to electricity Read More

    Static Guard & Anti-Pilling

    Triple the threat to all these inconvenient clothing troubles. Reduce static electricity and improve the look of your outfit. Protect yourself from dust, pollen and other allergens from following you back home. Read More


Giant worker for small size

Love these! The tip holds it’s its firmness for the entire use of the pen. In other pens I have used, the tip will get smushed and thicken the line… Not these. Also, I accidentally ironed over one of my designs I had drawn on my quilt, I freaked out, but the blue came right out. Some pens become set if ironed. Test on your fabric to make sure though. They are smaller than the normal size pens, but honestly seem to have twice as much ink in them. You also can’t beat the price.


So many colors

I love that there are so many different colors! They are mini spools that fit beautifully into my sewing box. The thread is really nice. Good durability and totally worth the money. Happy with this purchase.


Best Buy of the year

It takes a bit of time to measure, cut and prepare, but this product is super
easy to use, and the results look completely professional. Great product.




It’s my favorite!

I’ve been using this product for a while now, and I’m really enjoying it. The
scissors are small. But even as a man, I didn’t find them difficult to use. As a
compact size sewing set, I think it is sufficient for my needs as a whole.


No more stress in the winter!

I was relieved of the stress I get from static electricity in the winter. Now I can’t travel without it anymore.


Wrinkles are removed.

Creases can be removed quickly. I’ve been using a famous brand sold in
stores for years, but this one removes wrinkles better. After all, it’s more than
twice the price. I also like the fact that it is odorless.


Worked exactly as expected

I have a garden cover and the zipper has grown stubborn through the
seasons. I got this wax stick to see if it would help make the zipper do its job.
Sure enough. I used it a couple times on the zipper and now it