"Our goal is to unite Japanese culture, traditional cuisine, and heartwarming hospitality into one perfect combination, offering our customers a full taste of the charm of Japan. We are dedicated to offer Japanese "

  • Healthy and Lucky: The Gift of Happiness
    Japanese Traditional Flavor Soup Gift Set – 6 pieces.

    OSUIMONO (Japanese soup) begins with Dashi, which derived from fish and kelp. Ingredients in the lucky shape symbolically link to pine, bamboo, and plum trees, which represent happiness. Read More

  • Another level of plant-based option
    Veggie Patties 6pcs

    This is a 100% plant-based hamburger made from konjac and soybeans. By incorporating konjac into the product, we were able to achieve a juicy meaty texture. Furthermore, the seasoning is kept to a minimum to create a healthy and wholesome product. This allows you to enjoy without excess sauces and spices. Read More