We’reLookingfor talented marketers.

Our mission is to bring a new wave of clothing care to the world.

We Leonis, dedicated to developing high quality, convenient, and easy apparel support tools. Now, we have experience selling in the US, Europe and Asia.

Interview with Kiyoshi Ogura,
Chairman of Leonis:
Learn together, grow together

An interview with our President is posted here. President Ogura introduced how he came to handle the company's current main products, raised expectations for his employees, and explained the company's future development goals.

Leonis' team is full of young employees with a company which has a long history.

  • Diversity

    Here we have people from various countries, which means you can have exclusive experience with people from different backgrounds.

  • Flexibility

    Communication is very important to us, so we respect any different thoughts and feedback.

  • Innovation

    We’ve already built various products and delivered to more than 30 countries, andnext we’ll focus more on creating new markets.

What’s it in foryou

We want to ensure you can explore more possibilities and bring the best of you to work every day

  • Learning

    Keeping on trend is one of the core of our mission, so we provide lots of online external training and OJT

  • Well-being

    At Leonis, we care for our people so they can live a healthy and dynamic life.

  • Community

    We have routine gatherings to learn, share new information, and have fun,and we hope that our people keep inspired.

Hello, my name is RIKU, from Hong Kong. Before coming to Japan, I spent almost 10 years studying abroad in Australia. I started working this year and I oversee the B2B oversea business. The co-workers here are very supportive, which eliminated my anxiety. Even the supervisors are easily approached. It is a comfortable working environment for foreigners. You get to learn from zero and make the most of your language skills. Come to work with us!

I joined Leonis as a Web-marketer for foreign markets, and now I’m responsible for the project of North America market. I’ve learned lots of marketing strategies and obtained experience. Also, it’s so nice to work with people from different countries and backgrounds that we are available to create many valuable ideas. In Leonis, we are able to think freely and search for solutions without limitation of any conventional methods.

Hi, my name is Hsing from Taiwan, and I'm the web marketer for Leonis Inc. I have been working here for a few months. Even though I don’t have any marketing experience, Leonis allowed me to enter and train me to become more professional. Learning by doing is what I am doing now. Every day I will learn a lot from my work, and my colleagues. I am happy to have this opportunity to work here.

Hi, my name is Shen and I`m from China. My job is content planning and SNS operation. We use various channels to reach customers, build brand awareness and promote products. For example, we work with influencers to improve brand recognition. At the same time, I am learning logistics knowledge to contribute to the company's B2-B business.

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Employment Status :

Full time employment

Occupation :

Web Marketer of Japan and overseas (America, Europe, China, ASEAN region).

Prior Job Experiences :

If you’re interested in working as a web marketer, prior experience is not required.

Educational Qualifications :

  • Bachelor degree or beyond

Language Certifications :

  • Native Speaker of English or Native Level English- TOEIC 800 or more
  • Proficiency in JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) N1 or N2

Primary Responsibilities :

  • Manage the e-commerce websites of Japan and overseas
  • E-Commerece website construction. Product planning.
  • Storytelling, blog and video production, SNS and Internet advertising.
  • International logistics

  • Any of the above

Ideal People :

  • Interested in B2C marketing and communication
  • Foreigners who living in Japan over 2 years

Preferred Skills :

  • Keep the e-commerce websites well maintained and updated
  • Ability to use multiple analysis tools such as Google analytics, Google ad review, etc.
  • Ability to use Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver
  • Photography skills

Training :

  • Online External Training
  • Instructed Planning, Execution, Management by OGSM
  • On the Job Training

Working Time :

  • Working hours: 9:00-18:00
  • Break: 12:00-13:00
  • Short break: 15:30-16:00

Working Place :

  • Leonis (Head Office)〒591-8034Osaka Prefecture, Sakai, Kita Ward, Mozuryonancho, 3-56
  • Take the Osaka Metro Midosuji Line to Nakamozu Station and walk 20 mins.
  • Nakamozu Station (From Umeda Station about 35 mins, Namba Station about 30 mins)

Salary Conditions :

  • Conditions Base Salary: 200,000yen
  • Language Allowance: 10,000yen
  • Housing Allowance: 10,000yen
  • Salary increase: once a year
  • Bonus: twice a year

Holidays :

  • 126 holidays per year (according to Leonis’s calendar)
  • paid holiday, summer holiday, national holiday, New Year’s holiday, complete
  • five-day workweek (from Monday to Friday)

The Application and Selection Process :

  • 1. Screening Process: Send Photo Resume to recruit@leonis.co.jp We will contact you by email within one week about the job interview
  • 2. Interview: Company Tour introduce our company, etc. and Individual Interview The personality is importance/No written exam and aptitude test Please bring the copy documents of language certification to job interview
  • 3. Join the Internship: Involving actual workplace and getting work experience over 5 days
  • 4. Receive the Job Offer