Our Vision & Mission
Bring greater happiness to everyone and lighten up life through cross-border B2B.

Our Value
We Listen, Imagine, Achieve and Deliver to World.

We reflect on living and discover painpoints.


Without being bound by fixed concepts, we keep starting over again.


Our journey in manufacturing will continue through constant efforts and bringing up ideas.


Sharing newness through media and delivering reliable products by growing our logistics.

Increasing the amount of customers and the benefit of stores.
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We, Leonis Japan, develop apparel support tools for quick and easy garment care with experience selling in the US, Europe and Asia. Leonis believes this simplicity can aid anyone to be more mindful of their textiles and be pleased with the things they use every day; clothes.

Welcome To Our Promise!

We at Leonis believe the foundation of our partnerships will foster prosperity and benefit for all.


We’ve taken your old favorites, figured out how to make them more useful, and remade them for you.

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Our business model will integrate your store online seamlessly with our support.

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Receive your order within 3-5 business days. NO minimum orders. Get free shipping on any orders over $300.

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Speak to our experts through email, slack or any other channel available. Get support in multiple languages thanks to our diverse staff.

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May 24 ,2023

Announcing Enhanced Logistics Capabilities and Strategic Fulfillment Centers for Improved Customer Service

May 17 ,2023

Leonis 30 Color Sewing Threads: The Perfect Solution for Home and Travel Sewing Projects

March 31 ,2023

“Guide to Sewing Pattern Symbols and Markings”

March 27 ,2023

Leonis Sewing Kits Introduces Palm-Sized Emergency Sewing Solutions for Wardrobe Malfunctions

We strive to develop new, advanced materials to accommodate our customers' needs, no matter where in the world they may be. At the same time, we aim to provide craftsmanship with heartfelt attention and sublime expertise to the very last detail.

Clothing Care
Iron-On Mending Tape
Sewing Kits
Thread Needle

About Leonis Shirts And Favorites

We are Leonis Japan, a specialist in quick and easy garment care with experience selling in the America, Europe and Asia countries. Our aim is to strive to develop new, advanced materials to accommodate our customer’s needs, no matter where in the world they may be.

Company Information

leonis co, ltd.

The original company name was "Sanken Regulus". It was derived from Sanken, a word combination of production and research, and Regulus refers to the first star in the constellation Leo. Sejiro Ogura, the founder wishes to continue to shine as a company that contributes to society through manufacturing. Ever since the establishment of Leonis, these thoughts on founding will never changed.


december 14th, 1971


591-8034 Mozuryonancho

3-56, Kita Ku, Sakai, Osaka


Dog and woman walking in the park

by Ms Inslee Fariss
New York City based artist and illustrator

1971 Leonis was established. Mainly supplied textile materials, elastic braid and webbing. Provided home sewing supplies wholesale to OEMs.

1981 Clothing care products and sewing notions design were launched in mass retailers.

2000 Obtained ISO9001 certification

2001 CorLeonis Ladies was launched. Focus was on design, material development, sizing, and quality control.

2016 Began cross border E-commerce in such as the US, Europe, China, and Taiwan.

2021 50th Anniversary of our founding, Tokyo Olympics/Paralympics.


Giant worker for small size

Love these! The tip holds it’s its firmness for the entire use of the pen. In other pens I have used, the tip will get smushed and thicken the line… Not these. Also, I accidentally ironed over one of my designs I had drawn on my quilt, I freaked out, but the blue came right out. Some pens become set if ironed. Test on your fabric to make sure though. They are smaller than the normal size pens, but honestly seem to have twice as much ink in them. You also can’t beat the price.


So many colors

I love that there are so many different colors! They are mini spools that fit beautifully into my sewing box. The thread is really nice. Good durability and totally worth the money. Happy with this purchase.


Best Buy of the year

It takes a bit of time to measure, cut and prepare, but this product is super
easy to use, and the results look completely professional. Great product.




It’s my favorite!

I’ve been using this product for a while now, and I’m really enjoying it. The
scissors are small. But even as a man, I didn’t find them difficult to use. As a
compact size sewing set, I think it is sufficient for my needs as a whole.


No more stress in the winter!

I was relieved of the stress I get from static electricity in the winter. Now I can’t travel without it anymore.


Wrinkles are removed.

Creases can be removed quickly. I’ve been using a famous brand sold in
stores for years, but this one removes wrinkles better. After all, it’s more than
twice the price. I also like the fact that it is odorless.


Worked exactly as expected

I have a garden cover and the zipper has grown stubborn through the
seasons. I got this wax stick to see if it would help make the zipper do its job.
Sure enough. I used it a couple times on the zipper and now it