Do you struggle with wrinkled clothing?

Open your suitcase to find your clothes wrinkled after only a few hours of storage while traveling?

Face a situation where ironing your clothing is prohibited or not possible in your hotel room, leaving you with wrinkled clothes?

Many studies show that people perceive others based on their clothing. Having a wrinkled shirt may give off the wrong impression the first time you meet them!


Enjoy travelwith Wrinkle-free!


Easy carry-on with TSA bottle

This bottle meets the Transportation Security Administration’s standard and is allowed on board the plane.



Looks neat all day long with iron-free

This safe, easy-to-use fabric care solution lets you keep your clothes looking sharp no matter where your day takes you – even when you don’t have access to an iron or electricity.



All-in-one fabric care for multipurpose

Effortlessly refresh your wardrobe in minutes! Our versatile solution deodorizes, removes wrinkles, and defends against static, ensuring your clothes always look their best.

The mini-sized spray bottle and design


Trigger nozzle to easily use


The rotary switch to lock


TSA friendly bottle

3 Easy Steps

1. Spray

Hang the clothing on a hanger. Spray the wrinkle area from a distance of about 10 inches to moisten and wet the area.

2. Smooth

Gently pull the fabric in different directions, including horizontally, vertically, and diagonally, to help shape and stretch out the material.

3. Dry

The wrinkles will gradually disappear as the fabric dries. Let the fabric air dry for at least 10 minutes until it’s completely dry, then it’s ready to wear.

Bye Bye Wrinkels👋


Carrying it on board is fine!

“It removes wrinkles easily. And since it is 100ml, carrying it on board is fine. I take it with me on my business trips. I will buy again.”

For daily care of suits. Wrinkles disappear overnight!

“The night before, I sprayed my suit pants and jacket with leonis wrinkle remover spray and hung them up, and the next day the wrinkles were gone! Amazing!!”

Good Product!

“The product is quite effective in removing wrinkles, recommended to buy.”

Wrinkles are removed.

“Creases can be removed quickly. I’ve been using a famous brand sold in stores for years, but this one removes wrinkles better. After all, it’s more than twice the price. I also like the fact that it is odorless.”

Looks Neat All Day Long with Iron-Free

Travel Size Wrinkle Releaser & Deodorizer
  • 2 in 1

    Wrinkle Releaser Deodorizer


    Our all-in-one solution helps you keep your clothes fresh, wrinkle and static free without the need for ironing.


    The green tea extract ingredient works to freshen up your garments or remove undesired odors including cigarette smell, etc.


    From linen shirts to khaki jeans, our wrinkle release spray effectively takes care of all fabrics without difficulty.


    If you are looking for a portable fabric care product that can replace an iron to take with you on the road, look no further!

SKU Product Name Material Dimensions Weight
99753 Travel Size Wrinkle Releaser & Deodorizer Purified water, Specifically modifies inorganic, Surfactant 170*70*25mm 130g
Information & Tips

Looks Neat All Day Long with Iron-Free

Travel Size Wrinkle Releaser & Deodorizer


How to Remove Clothes Wrinkles During Travel?

Tutorial and tips


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