Zipper got you in a jam?

Clothing zipper is stuck!

Suitcase won't close, but the flight is in 2 hours?!

Harsh storm corroded the zipper on the outdoor boots?


Freeing from jammedZipper!


Natural carnauba wax brings smoothness

Scentless and works on any type of metal and plastic zipper.



Easy fluid control and application

Designed with a spring-loaded mechanism for easy fluid control, and features a soft-felt pen tip that allows for easy and accurate application. Also, the pen type adds to the convenience of product usage.



Transparent body pen-type design

With the transparent body, you can easily check the liquid volume at any time.

Includes natural and simple ingredients yetpowerful results.


Alkaline water to reduce hardness and keep it as slippery smooth as possible.


We create a one-of-a-kind Carnauba wax emulsion to prevent the buildup that’s often found in other waxes.


The natural wax extracted from the Carnauba palm tree is the main ingredient. (Known as “the tree of life” to the people of Northern Brazil.)

3 Easy Steps

1. Apply

Apply the product and control the flow by gently pressing it down.

2. Blend

Gently blend the product by moving back and forth the zipper a few times for even distribution.

3. Wipe

Once finished, wipe away any excess liquid.

Freeing From Jammed Zipper!


Easy to apply

“Love it. It glides on easily and easy to use. It really helped the zippers on jackets and real test was the zippers on our ATV zip on windows. Being exposed to the harsh elements, the zippers were next to impossible to zip up. After applying the zipper wax, the zippers flow easily. No more struggling. Works on snaps also. Highly recommend.”

Super easy fix

“I had 3 different boot zippers that were not going up and down. In under 5 minutes had all 3 gliding smoothly.”

Worked perfectly!

“It is easy to use and performs well. I was ready to donate an expensive bag because the zipper was way too hard to manage. I purchased this product and the zipper works better than when it was new.”

Worked exactly as expected

“My first job was working in a dry cleaner and we had a wax stick for the stubborn zippers. We’d rub the wax up/down the zipper and it would magically help make the zipper flow smoothly. I have a garden cover and the zipper has grown stubborn through the seasons. I got this wax stick to see if it would help make the zipper do its job. Sure enough. I used it a couple times on the zipper and now it is a smooth zipper and I don’t have to replace it. Super happy with that!”

Natural Carnauba Wax Brings Smoothness

Zipper Wax Pen

    Smooths out your zippers and snaps instantly using natural Carnauba wax to give you the satisfaction of a brisk fastening.


    Allows you to fix your zippers gently without causing damage to even the surrounding fabric.


    Lets you adjust the right amount of lubricant fluid released, preventing product from getting on our hand or causing a mess.


    No flaky waxy residue compared to using solid beeswax and the likes as well as no strong odors.


    Simply pressing down the pen tip to release product liquid and gently running through your zipper several times to achieve the best result.

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99665 Zipper Wax Pen - 180*55*18mm 24g
Information & Tips

Natural Carnauba Wax Brings Smoothness

Zipper Wax Pen product pamphlet


Hard To Use Sticky Zippers? Look No Further

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