Is it time for a new thread kit ?

Case 1

Are you trying to save up space but want more threads?

Case 2

Thread packed nicely so you can take it to go?

Case 3

Need more spools in one place to find your next inspiring color?


110 yards winded around the world’s smallest spools

30 high-quality polyester threads offering you a seamless sewing performance.




Durable threads that offer high elongation.Prevents breaking easily.




Comes with 30 comfortable assortments of colors.




Spools and clear case for great organization.

Sturdy, Plentiful and Compact

Japan-Quality needle threader bonus with every kit.

Refills for spools are available for the 110 yds (100m) kit!

Less is more!

We made our spool small with the right adjustments.

Unlike other spools, our spool has a thin center, saving space and still being just as long.

Get creative!

Embroider a fun design and share your creative side.

1. Choose

Select the color you would like.

2. Sew

Use the spool for machine sewing or hand sewing as you like.

3. Organize

Once finished, place it back where it fits perfectly.


Highly recommend

I use this all the time with my hand sewing quilt as you go hexagons. I love the variation of colors and the thread is strong. Well worth the money.

Great for Having a Selection of Colors

I have had no problems sewing with this thread. The spools are like older Coats and Clark in quality, so use a spool cap that is bigger than the spool. These spools are 100m/110yd while Coats and Clark are 229m/250yd. They are shorter than Coats and Clark spools. Still, it's enough length to fill a bobbin and do a whole project. Thread at the store is expensive, so this kit provides a nice selection for when relatives come over with their favorite garment, asking, "can you fix this?" and they never bring thread. :)

So many colors

“I love that there are so many different colors! They are mini spools that fit beautifully into my sewing box. The thread is really nice. Good durability and totally worth the money. Happy with the purchase. ”

Handy and Sturdy

“Ex-husband took all of the sewing supplies, and I needed something for those little emergencies that always pop up. I have a tiny little drawer that is handy, and I wanted everything to fit in it. I picked up this little kit with lots of colors and a container of needles. Perfect! A spool of thread runs $4-$5 for just one, and I usually just need a little bit, so this works for me. I’ve been able to match any color I have needed so far. The plastic box is sturdy and keeps the spools all in order, Just what I needed.”

110 yards winded around the world’s smallest spools

Sewing Thread Kit

    High quality threads in 30 rainbow colors to get you started on any stitching projects and allow you to find the perfect matching color for the mend.


    High elongation reduces the frequency of thread breaking or fraying, which offers you a good sewing performance.


    The sewing kit comes with an aluminum needle threader to make threading needles less eye-straining.


    A handy, lightweight organizer allows you to bring your sewing thread kit with you everywhere and be prepared for any wardrobe emergencies.


    50 YD (45 M) spools are ideal for hand sewing; 110 YD (100 M) spools are suitable for both machine and hand sewing.

SKU Product Name Material Dimensions Weight
93011 30 Color Set of Handy Polyester Sewing Threads 50 Yards/45 m Each - 155*105*22mm 160g
93012 30 Color Polyester All Purpose Sewing Threads 110 Yards/100 m Each - 175*115*25mm 240g
Information & Tips

110 yards winded around the world's smallest spools

Sewing Thread Kit product pamphlet


Tutorial and Tips: Leonis 30 Colors Thread Kit

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