Are you having troublewith fabric marking?

Struggling to remove markings despite excessive rubbing?

Experiencing thicker or uneven inaccurate lines?

Did the marker dry out before you finish your quilt?


Mark anyfabric with full control!


Easily removable with water and leaves no trace behind

It uses Japan’s high-quality ink formulation, which effectively dissolves or washes away markings, leaving no trace behind.



Fine-tip pen for smooth writing

It utilizes a superior pen tip from Japan and features a narrow and firm shape that ensures precision, allowing for smooth and accurate lines.



Clear lines with verified 500m guarantee

Despite its smaller size, our marker won’t waste any ink and ensures that all ink is used up without drying out easily. You can enjoy up to 500m (1640 ft) of use before needing a refill, as verified by our writing test machine.

Small yet mighty lines , take your mark further.


This ink can be easily removed with water and can be used to write on creative projects.

Great for quilting projects, embroidery and more!

Can be used on a variety of fabric and material and still come off!!

Easy Steps

1. Draw

Mark or transfer your favorite designs on fabric.

2. Erase

Use a damp towel to wipe off the markings or wash with water.


Avoid ironing your project before wiping off the pen marks! Ironing can set the markings, making them harder to remove.


The best water soluble pens I have ever used

I have been using the water soluble pens from the fabric store for many years. They always made a line thicker than I liked and a friend told me about these so I tried them. Oh my, I will never buy anything else now. They make a nice, thin line and easily rinse out. I used to take a spray bottle of water and spray the section that I marked and quilted each evening. Now, I just wait until I have finished binding the quilt and rinse the entire quilt on the rinse cycle in the washing machine and it's done. I have used these for at least 5 quilts now, and never had a problem with them.

Does its job!

These marking pens do the job they were hired for! I will say that if you have recently steam ironed the fabric prior to using this pen and it’s even a little bit damp, the marks will vanish as you sew!

Came off perfectly

“I’ve never used a fabric marker but I wanted to make sure I didn’t mess this up, and I completely fell in love with these. I changed my idea for the design I was doing several times, and all I had to do was dab a damp cloth on whatever I drew and it came right off. I was so impressed I showed all my coworkers and family. 100% would buy again. ”

Easiest removal ever

“I do a wide variety of sew, from quilting to clothing making and home decorating. These pens are awesome and they write on all the loosely woven fabrics my chalk doesn’t like. It takes very little water to erase the lines, even steam from my iron has erased them. I’ll be switching from the expensive chalks pens I have to these in the future. ”

Clear Lines with Verified 500m Guarantee

Water Erasable Fabric Marking Pen

    Appearing on most light-colored fabrics and some dark-colored fabrics. (Depending on the texture and darkness.)


    Allows you to draw precise lines with every stroke. Our felt pen tip can hold its shape and ability to distribute ink smoothly for your entire use.


    By using a damp cloth or washing with water, leaving no trace behind.


    Despite the smaller than average size to get through serval sewing projects.


    Enables our sewing fabric markers to fit perfectly into a standard sewing craft box and the likes, convenient for storage and travel.

SKU Product Name Material Dimensions Weight
78008 Water Erasable Fabric Marking Pen Blue 5 Count Pack Ink/Acid dye 147*60*10mm 22g
78009 Disappearing Ink Fabric Marking Pen Pink 5 Count Pack Ink/Acid dye 147*60*10mm 22g
Information & Tips

Clear Lines with Verified 500m Guarantee

Water Erasable Fabric Marking Pen product pamphlet


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