Have you ever run into these kinds of problems ?

case 1

You loved the style of the pants so much that bought them even if they were too long.

case 2

That skirt you had forever and worn so much has started to fray.

case 3

You want to switch up your wardrobe or upcycle.

Product description

12 strong adhesion threads woven into the fabric

Here is a closeup of our hemming tape. The white fibers are the polyamide fiber knitted into the lace material. So the result is soft and gentle.

Durable through repeated washing or dry cleaning.

One Action Hem and Seal

Unlike common fusible web tape, Iron-on Instant Hem Tape is a knitted tape that seals in
frayed ends, supports the structure of the cloth and prevents unsightly bumps.

Traditional hemming tape hardens but our tape is flexible. This
allows the hem to more naturally with the rest of the fabric.

The one-touch application allows for a quick process. No preparation of the fabric is

How to Use

Easy As 1-2-3!

1. measure

Measure the area you want to hem and fold the garment inside out.

2. cut

Cut the desired length.

3. iron

Iron the hemming tape over the fabric’s raw edge.

Happy Customer Reviews

“I’ve used this on my yoga pants, my husband’s denim jeans and all have been washed multiple times and the tape has not come off at all. This is definitely a quick and easy way to hem your pants or bottom of tops with no sewing involved.”

Best Buy of the year

“It takes a bit of time to measure, cut and prepare, but this product is super easy to use, and the results look completely professional. Remember which side has the white specs in it before dipping in water, so you know which side goes down, hard to tell once it gets wet. Great product.”

Iron-on Instant Hem Tape

    Unlike the common fusible web tape, our Iron-on Instant Hem Tape is a woven tape that seals in frayed ends, supports the structure of the cloth and prevents unsightly bumps.


    Our fabric hem tape makes hemming or mending clothing tears, fray holes and interior products at home much easier; suitable for most fabric materials.


    The hem tape blends smoothly into the hem seam and stays firm for a long time; the product is suitable for both machine wash and dry-cleaning


    You can easily match the hem tape with different clothing items to create the most natural-looking hemlines with our product collection.

  • EASY AS 1-2-3!

    Measure where you would like to hem and fold the garment inside out, cut the desired length and iron the hemming ape over the fabric’s raw edge.

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