Attending FOODEX, Asia’s largest food and beverage exhibition, with the company truly widened my perspective on the F&B industry and provided me with valuable insights. Despite being hosted in Japan, the event wasn’t limited to exhibitors solely from Asian countries, it attracted participants from around the globe, including Western countries. Thus, I had the opportunity to explore a variety of food and beverage products, each representing its unique culture, and engage in enlightening conversations with representatives from various companies. The diversity of products showcased by exhibitors left a lasting impression on me.


If I were told to choose the most interesting and memorable products, I would mention the food products made from konjac and soy pulp (okara). These ingredients are transformed into different types of dishes, such as shrimp, katsu, meatballs, and more. What sets them apart is not only their healthiness and deliciousness but also the company’s commitment to reducing food waste by incorporating soy pulp as a key ingredient. As for beverages, I came across a company selling ice cubes made from colorful jelly that can be mixed with soda water. Once the jelly melts, it creates a refreshing and visually appealing drink, which I believe is the product’s main selling point. Findings like these truly inspire and make me realize that there are limitless innovations that can be made in the F&B industry.