It was awesome getting to check out food products and cool tech from all over the world. Hanging out at the booths and chatting with folks led me to some neat findings that could improve the ideas in marketing.


First, how they showcase the products’ specialties. Like, take meat substitutes, for example—they come in all sorts of types, from tempeh-based to konjac-based. To grab people’s attention and build trust, it’s key to dive into what makes each product unique: the ingredients, the tech behind it, how it impacts health, and of course, how tasty it is.


Then there’s the global market vibe. Most of the companies I talked to haven’t dipped their toes into Western markets yet, but they’re totally keen on it. That’s a sweet opportunity for us to connect with these up-and-comers and maybe team up down the line.


Last, the trendy diet concepts. People are all about organic, safe, and healthy eats these days. Knowing what’s hot in the market is crucial for spotting winners. And it’s not just about the food itself—tech is shaking up everything from packaging to storage to how we eat.