The Japan Food Expo 2024 was a vibrant showcase of Japanese cuisine, blending tradition with innovation to attract culinary professionals, food enthusiasts, and companies globally. The event offered an extensive array of Japanese foods, from classics like sushi and ramen to innovative fusion dishes, alongside cooking demos, food sustainability seminars, and opportunities to discover new products. Notably, the expo featured an immersive green tea experience, celebrating this integral part of Japanese culture through tastings and presentations on its history and health benefits. As a plant-based food advocate and Research & Relation Management at Leonis, I appreciate the expo’s emphasis on sustainable and ethical eating trends, including plant-based diets known for their health, environmental, and ethical benefits. The expo was also an invaluable networking opportunity, enabling interactions with international officials and business leaders. I’m especially thankful to Mr. Kiyoshi Ogura, our president, for his mentorship and for providing this remarkable opportunity.