We went to visit and observe the Unitika Garment Technology Co., LTD

Recently, we have been thinking about product testing to clarify the quantification of the safety and convenience of Leonis products.

To this end, we went to Unitika Garment Technology Co., LTD last week for a visit. Unitika Garment Technology performs various quality tests and evaluations on textiles.

What you see is an old building with a long history.

The staff introduced various experimental equipment, materials, and methods.

We were able to learn a lot about testing facilities through this visit. It was a great experience to learn about product testing.

At the same time, it gives us a clear image of what we need to do for the product testing.

Thanks to well-known Taiwanese blogger “佣佣甫甫亲子部落格” for sharing Leonis stain removal pen blog

Thanks to the popular blogger Ms. Tiffany with more than 60,000 Facebook fans for sharing the experience of using “Leonis stain removal pen” in the “佣佣甫甫亲子部落格” and Facebook. Welcome to click the link and read it.


【Taiwan shopee online store】

Product Promotional Video of “2020 Good Goods Japan-Online Business Matching Event in Bangkok,”

In 2020, Leonis was selected to participate in the Good Goods Japan – Online Business Matching Event in Bangkok. The business conference will officially start on October 15th and 16th this year. In the future, we will deliver higher quality products to all over the world.

[ Business matching request ]

We participated in the internationalization promotion internship project.

We participated in the internationalization promotion internship project.
Building knowledge for expansion of overseas business and development of new business, working with foreigners, reconsidering awareness through cross-cultural communication experience, building networks with overseas universities etc. for employment of overseas universities, and establishing internal systems Therefore, since September 5th, we have accepted 2 interns from China for 3 months.

We participated in a store “Taobao” business meeting

The EC site Taobao business meeting was held on March 18th in Shanghai, China.
We have negotiated with about 120 people.

Test sale started at India’s largest shopping mall ”Flipkart”

You can see Leonis products at Flipkart fromhere.

Leonis ”Shirts and Favorites” Official website renewed.

Thank you for seeing the website of Leonis Corporation.We have renewed our website, so we announce you.Please have a look.

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