Stain remover pen

  • Removes even tough food and drink stains instantly, leaving clothes looking as good as new.
  • Soft, rounded felt tip removes stains gently, protecting the fabric.
  • Rubbing can cause damage to garments. Place a towel underneath the clothing and the stain will be transferred to it.
  • Spring-loaded applicator tip lets you adjust the amount of stain-removing fluid released.

Zipper wax pen

  • Fix sticky plastic or metal zippers easily.
  • Contains mostly natural ingredients, with no strong odor.
  • Soft, rounded felt tip prevents damage to the zipper.
  • The spring-loaded mechanism lets you adjust the amount of product released.

Fray&Run stopper pen

  • Stops fabric from fraying, keeps thread ends tidy and strengthens the button thread
  • Compact and handy: Perfect to keep in your purse, desk drawer, car, and suitcase.
  • Soft, rounded felt-tip causes no damage to the fabric
  • Pen-like, spring-loaded applicator enable easy handling