The Three Inters…

Mutual International Exchanges Aimed at Promoting Real Internationalization

We have had experience in dealing with line-ups of products designed specifically for foreign markets, such as the “Star Angel” series. At the same time, we are placing a great deal of emphasis on introducing the very best products from overseas into Japan through marketing appropriate to Japanese consumers. Establishing relationships based on mutual trust and cooperation, our richly experienced staff puts forward proposals for long-term strategies.

“Something New” Brought About by the Interdisciplinary Fusion of Distinct Merchandise Concepts

Providing high quality products and services involves more than just manufacturing and marketing. It means appreciating customers as individuals. Recognizing the unique lifestyle of each makes it possible for us to improve not only our product lines, but the quality of life itself. We are continually working to provide ideas for tomorrow, boldly combining different types of products and adopting new materials.

Inter-industrial Exchanges Open Up Excellent Business Opportunities

We do not restrict ourselves to our own business sector, but are pursuing new business opportunities through active exchanges with a plethora of industries. Through a variety of inter-industrial exchange forums, we are promoting exchanges of technology and materials, as well as sharing information. This organic network, which reinforces mutual strengths of the participants while compensating for their weaknesses, has already produced solid results.