Our Culture

“The Leonis Dream Mill” Creating the Future in Earnest

For the average employee, a job with a pleasant workplace environment that simultaneously provides intellectual stimulus and a challenge is ideal. With that in mind, we here at Leonis Co. try to create an environment where our employees can “realize their own personal ambitions through work.” We believe that a corporation’s identity is the sum of its parts, and it is our hope to move forward into a rich future with all of our employees fully realizing and utilizing their identity and capabilities.

Work Station
Our ergonomically designed office space was made specially to be a pleasant and easy to work in environment. Close attention has been paid to sound, wiring, both artificial and natural lighting, air conditioning, greenery, and artistic scenery. Employees do morning exercises daily as a group to further promote health and energy.

Layout Planning Board
From ceiling to floor, an entire wall is dedicated solely to posting and planning. References and equipment are provided to foster comparisons and discussions of anything from visual proposals to customer requests.

Delivery Station
We are ever growing and evolving our delivery station to be better equipped to handle the amount and necessary speed of international sales. Our same day delivery in Japan is a badge of pride, and we are working to further automate the warehouse to push our capabilities abroad.

Conference Area
Far different from the traditional office conference rooms, our conference area is purposefully designed to create a more casual atmosphere and draw out unique ideas and solutions.

Live Area
Under the management of our staff, the Live Area is a place to relax the mind in addition to the body. A close-knit, warm atmosphere helps give the office the feeling of a home away from home.