Meet Some of the Team

Hi, my name is Ou. I am the R&R Manager and run the Chinese part of our online operations. I’m from Guangzhou, China and have been working at Leonis for a year and a half now. It’s a small company, but there’s a lot of opportunity to grow, and learn the ins and outs of all parts of the production phase. I started from zero and have since seen the growth of activity on our Chinese website reach into the thousands, which is of course a great badge of pride for me. At Leonis, I am able to take my ideas and thoughts on market strategy and, with the support of our boss and my coworkers, see my visions become a reality.

Hello! I’m Cam from Danang, Vietnam! I work as a liaison between our office here in Sakai and our overseas businesses. I studied marketing in university, but it’s very difficult to enter into such a business here in Japan. Many said I had to start from sales or storefront for a few years, but Leonis allowed me to enter immediately into what I wanted to do. Even though I’ve only been working here a few months, I have the support and wisdom of my veteran co-workers and have already learned a lot. At first, of course it was nerve-wracking, but everyone is here to help and succeed together! I am loving the new challenges I face each day, and love succeeding and pushing the company to new heights even more!