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Leonis Co. Shirts and Favorites is there for the working woman. From our top level shirts and blouses to our specialized selection of home goods, Leonis is committed to expanding out e-commerce around the world and serving a smile to the face of each and every customer in our care.
"Online, we are able to connect with customers and businesses around the world, something we wouldn't even have imagined doing 50 years ago, or even 30 years ago. Many smaller companies here in Japan have been slow to update and enter the world stage, but we at Leonis embrace it. Our customers are the rock upon which we build our castle, and the star our eye is eternally fixed upon. It is our goal to convey that message in every item made and in every achievement reached."
Leonis Co. Ltd. Director
Kiyoshi Ogura

our product

Our Product

We strive to develop new, advanced materials to accommodate our customers' needs, no matter where in the world they may be. At the same time, we aim to provide craftsmanship with heartfelt attention and sublime expertise to the very last detail.

Dress shabbily and they remember the dress.
Dress imperially and they notice the woman.
- Coco Chanel 

in your life since 1971

It goes without saying that the things you use every day, should, of course, be stylish and cute. More than that, though, they need to be long-lasting tools, designed to combine ease of use with quality and functionality that you can rely on.

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The clothes make the woman.
We make the clothes.

Since 2001 our blouses arehave been made from our unique, stretchable, easy-care material and are designed for the discerning woman to keep its shape, with sizing options fit for a global market. With a striking silhouette and pleasing texture, our high-quality, classic blouses can be worn with confidence.

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what we do

What We Do

We always ask ourselves a series of questions: What do our customers want? Is it easy to use? Do they need this feature? Is it appealing?
We do whatever we can, no matter how small, to pursue a new “normal” that encompasses the past, present, and future. Come read more about our mindset hereand the team behind it here.

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.
- Albert Einstein 

about us

About Us

Company Name
The 1.4 magnitude star α Leonis, located in the "chest" of the constellation Leo "the lion," is known as Regulus or "the little king." In Latin it is also called "the lion's heart." Of the 21 first-magnitude stars in the galaxy, this is the only on that lies on the ecliptic. The sun shines directly on this star every year from August 22nd to August 23rd.
December 14th, 1971
Mozuryonancho 3-56, Kita Ku, Sakai, Osaka
\10 million
The Three Inter Approach
Today, with bewildering changes taking place in business, and rapid advanced made in technology each day, the acquisition of a wide variety of information for product development, in addition to management resources, is becoming extremely important. For our "favorites" everyday goods, we are making great strides toward the networking of people, products, and information through the "Three Inter Approach." The nomenclature is from our networking method: explained here. Thus, we have undertaken the challenge of the "creation of new products" utilizing a variety of information and management resources in a context of wide-ranging interchanges.
2)Material development, design, manufacture, and sale of ladies' shirts (BtoB, BtoC)
3)Online retail (clothing, household goods, etc.)
"Leonis Shirts & Favorites"
「Dog and woman walking in the park」
by Ms Inslee Fariss
New York City based artist and illustrator
Quality Policy
Leonis' Quality Policy is to make Shirts & Favorites something pleasant and appealing for women. Aiming to become a company that maintains a closeness with consumers.
We will work to make continuous improvements in adapting to their demands and the efficiency of our quality management system.

1. We will pursue values appropriate and affordable for our customers.
2. We will heed the reviews and feedback of our customers to better improve our products.
3. We will have a quantitative understanding of our circumstances and continue to make daily improvements.
4. We will optimize our business, both online and in stores, based on current facts, feedback, and behavior.
5. We will unite the strengths and minds of all our employees and continue to work with pride and happiness.


In 1971, the year of the Nixon Shock, Seijiro Ogura founded Sanken Regulus (predecessor to Leonis). Inheriting the spirit of that enterprise, we focus our efforts on quality management and development of original products that our customers will appreciate and provide everything from tools for daily life to shirts that will always keep their shape. We will continue to provide products and services that will stand the test of time.

Phase 4
2020 50th Anniversary of our founding, Tokyo Olympics/Paralympics.
2016 Chosen as a recipient of METI SME Craftsman Support
2016 United States E-Commerce Survey Began expansion of global
E-commerce site “Leonis Shirts and Favorites” to Europe, China, and Taiwan.
Phase 3
2001 Launch of "CorLeonis,” a ladies shirt brand focused on
working women, which developed ladies shirts featuring
packaging imbued with a new sensation. Focus was on design,
material development, sizing, and quality control.
Phase 2
As a marketing design manufacturer, "LEONIS" clothing
care products were launched in mass retailers, homecenters, and drug stores.

2000 Obtained ISO9001 certification
Phase 1
Supplied textile materials to major apparel manufacturers.
Provided home sewing supplies wholesale to OEMs.
11981 Kiyoshi Ogura appointed as CEO.Brand development and
OEM supply for major volume retailers and the Japanese Consumers' Co-operative Union.

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